Sensory Consciousness / Bold Statements: Works by Arizona Women

A few photos from my series Third Trimester that are meant to explore the sensory notions of gender, stereotype, and the cultural and social norms that influence them will be displayed in the group show Sensory Consciousness / Bold Statements: Works by Arizona Women. As the director of the A.E. England Gallery I am co-curating this show with the A. E. England Curatorial team. Very excited to be showing with such a great group of talented female artists.


Sensory Consciousness / Bold Statements:
Works by Arizona Women

Artlink A. E. England Gallery: December 3 – December 24, 2010

Opening Reception: December 3, 6-10 PM (7 PM Live Performances)
Closing Reception: December 17, 6-9 PM

Women artists living in the Arizona come together in a group show this December at the Artlink A. E. Gallery for an exhibition entitled, Sensory Consciousness / Bold Statements: Works by Arizona Women.

The curatorial team has put together a diverse exhibition of 2D, 3D, video, and performance work by reputable and emerging women artists of this region. The exhibition represents the artwork being produced today by women who are living in a place that is politically and historically charged in a particular way; a place where one must navigate, physically and psychologically in a conscious manner. The selected artists demonstrate this acute sensory experience through their artwork, making statements that are bold, controversial, subtle, and relevant to the discourse of our time.

Live performance art will be presented in the gallery on December 3, starting at 7:00 pm during the First Friday Art walk.

Exhibiting Artists: Julie Anand, Stacy Blackmer-Blomquist, Tristyn Bustamante, Brittany Dion, Jessica Dolence, Kelly Flanagan, Adriana Gallego, Julie Ganas, April Grady-Reyna, Hilary Harp, Mary Hood, Adriene Jenik, Angelica Jubran-Bishara, Lauren Lentini, Tara Logsdon, Layla Luna, Muriel Magenta, Jill Martin, Gabriela Munoz, Janice Pittsley, Olivia Timmons, Rosalind Shipley, Suzie Silver, Alison Sweet, Jen Urso, Lisa Von Koch, Cory Weeks, and Angela Young.

With Performances by: Michele Ceballos, Megan Cox, Angelica Jubran-Bishara, Natalie Brewster Nguyen, Sarah Smith and Lisa Von Koch.